maandag, januari 14, 2008

Learning the stitches

I think I have told before I had a bit of a thing with learning when I was younger. I actually thought there were things I could do and things I couldn't do. Thankfully about 5 years ago I started to see my error (yes, slow learner). So I now am happily practising all kinds of things. Here is a little sampler made form the sublime stitching book I gave myself over christmas. I did my first splitstitch and I finally got the hang of the stemstitch can you see my improvement in the red heart and then I did the pink one out of pure joy. And I had actually two children fighting over this!

I love embroidering and I think I actually got a bit better at it over the weekend!

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Susan zei

Heb je deze site gezien?

Zoveel om te leren! Staat bij mijn favorieten maar ik kom er nooit aan toe....