maandag, januari 28, 2008

I pod meme

So I was totally braindead when I wanted to post yesterday. Most of these twice a day posts are things I have written in my head on the appropriate day and then typed the next. Yesterday was the first time I really had no idea. So to get things going this morning I stole a meme from Ash (She got me going for the post every day nonsense anyway).

Ash is brilliant by the way go read her and she is even more inspiring because she did a complete virtual metamorphose and in that way she is a good reminder for me who much sides we all have! (fun thing is I liked both ashes ;-)

I pod meme Version I

What does this year have in store for me?

No man's woman Sinead o' Connor Hey i hope not!

What’s my love life like?

Sacrifice Anouk I think I am gonna conclude that the fortunetelling abilities of my I-pod are minimal.

What do I say when life gets hard?

Pagan Poetry Björk Maybe: "this time I m gonna keep me all to myself"

What do I think of upon waking up?

Dansen met Alice Doe maar Sure I wake up dancing all the time! oh well I am quite a morningperson ;-)

What song will I dance to at my wedding?

My darling child Sinead O' Connor As I have pretend weddings with my daughter all the time this is quite appropriate funnily enough. I love this song love it love it.. the soundtrack of mother love..

What do I want as a career?

Fragile Sting

My favorite saying?

Marieke Jaques Brell Zonder liefde, warme liefde lacht de duivel de zwarte duivel (without love, warm love the devil laughs the black devil) If you don't check out any of these songs do look at this one. It is the most brilliant number ever This clip is subtitled and you'll hear how to say my name (my real name that is)

Favorite place?

September Clouseau Die zomernachten Dansen in het maanlicht (those summernights dancing in the moonlight). I have cheated with the clip it is another one of Clouseau

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