woensdag, januari 02, 2008

good intentions..

I love january. It is such a fresh and clean month. Full of promises and crispness. It is like the first page of a new notebook. In january everything is possible. In january I dream with more hope..

I don't think I would have signed up for a daily post for a year in any other month…It is beyond insane, but somehow it fills me with encouragement instead of dread. Only in january..

Elianne has posted 40 resolutions on her blog. She made me laugh but then I thought why not? 40 is probably better then 5 as you get to be more specific and more specific usually means more doable.. And anyway it is a list and I love lists

1 Write a blogpost everyday.

2 Make something at least once a week

3 get some structure in my housekeeping

4 Keep the corners of my home fresh and beautiful.

5I want to play with flowers and greenery a bit more

6 I want to sew a medieval/elvish dress for my self

7 I want to take the time to dress and care for myself even on ordinary days

8 I'd like to bake bread more often

9 I want to be out and about everyday

10 I want to stand still and notice something beautiful every day

11 I want to see some more of Minnaerts field physics (One of his books is translated in english there are actually 3 books about all kinds f daily fysics..)

12 I want to learn to crochet

12 and relearn to knit

13 I'd want to do lots more embroidery

14 I want to register my business'

15 OI want to find some more clients

16 I want to do some public speaking this year

17 I want to do a regular voluntary job in my church

18 I want to at least have one conversation in French and one in German this year. So I can keep pretending I actually speak those languages

19 I want to give at least one compliment a day

20 I want to get my drivers license

21 I want to get a new dog this year

22 I want to cherish old friend a bit more

23 and make some new.

24 I want to give a party this year

25 I want to eat more organic

26 I want to share more of our wealth

27 This year I want a meaning full Lent

28 I intend to eat out of the vegetable garden this year.

28 I want to finish painting the attic and repaint some dirty corners.

29 I want to sell some of our old stuff

30 and give other things away

31 I want to take pictures every week

32 I want to buy some art this year

33 I want to give more handmade gifts

34 I want to write a poem every now and then

35 I want to cook some fancy stuff from scratch every now and again

36 I want to conquer my fear for cooking fish

37 I want be more productive with my time

38 I want to enjoy my wasted time

39 I want to make plans and be flexible if life goes the other way

40 I hope to be optimistic this year this list is a good start!

2 opmerkingen:

elianne zei

mooie lijst!
misschien moeten we maandelijks evalueren hoe het er voor staat..

Dominique zei

#18: Je suis disponible pour une «conversation» en fran├žais via courriel!

Au plaisir!