donderdag, januari 03, 2008

God is a giant

That's what my son told me today. He is a giant because he is bigger then man and because he connects heaven and earth..

I love this image..

And I try my best to gently learn my son that this is an image. That in fact God is a word invented by people to speak about something so gigantic that our mind cant fully wrap it up. And that it is ok to use these symbols but not ok to believe them to be true in a human way and not ok to hold them against others as an absolute truth...

So see this as a little warning if I am supposed to post every day of the year, this will not only be crafts and domestic living! I have contemplated posting about religion often but am a bit scared because I am a very liberal Christian (But don;t confuse that with not dedicated!).. But hey faith is something to be spoken about even for us who are not complete sure all the time!