maandag, januari 07, 2008

The girl she is three..

This is yesterday's post because although technically she is 3 today we held her party yesterday. No computer time for me. I was running around cutting cake, assembling presents and playing with My little pony's. While it was a busy day inside my head it was quiet and I was so in awe of this little girl that 3 years ago I hadn't met.

She is a challenge but the most glorious challenge I have ever accepted in my life. Today three years ago I had a doctors appointment at exactly 41 weeks of pregnancy. We had a scan to measure fluid levels. We were a bit scared after her big brothers birth..

I remember the doctor saying go home and get yourself in labour. So I did..
On the way home I thought hey whats that and during the day more regular tiny contractions were felt. Husband was at work and son was playing so very sweet and in a very calm and light day I repacked two hospital bags put all the clothes through the dryer so they would smell fresh (they were in that bag for some weeks remember). Around 5 husband came home and from that moment on there was labour. Since we would go to the hospital I rang the babysit. Who was in the bus driving almost past our house at that moment. She ate my dinner and we went to the hospital. At 22.23 our girl arrived in the world.. She screamed and I was so happy (all her brother did was making small sights of pain). In our hospital babies sleep in a baby room but will be brought several times during the night. Around 1 a nurse told me your daughter has this big big eyes that take in all the world around her. At three the same nurse brought my girl and said: You are going to have your hands full with this one. I wanted to let her cry for a minute because I was changing another baby. But I couldn't, she didn't allow it. She knows what she wants and she knows how to say it. Congratulations mommy. This nurse was a prophet. This is my girl still and it is both fantastic and so hard..

Todays post will be all about the 3 Party

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This is a beautifull story! Congratulation with your daughter full of temperament. And yes, midwives can see that from the very beginning.