vrijdag, december 14, 2007

When flying home

form London it somehow felt the plane landed in depression. Of course I had used the trip as a perfect escape from all my worries and that's ok. Because well that is what city breaks are for isn't it? But Then coming home you need to deal. It took me a while. Not helped by the fact that Sinterklaas while being a lovely man and all brings a lot of excitement with him.

I survived but felt horrible. Then I confronted the fears, came trough and feel good again. It stays a miracle that things can be exactly the same two days and still feel so completely different. (and itsn't it funny how easy this seems when you write it down?)

I am back ad that means away from the computer (It is quite a escape machine on it's own). Lots to tell and show but will brake it up. Am tired still. Had a minor operation to scar tissue issue from sons birth (He is 5,5!!) and the daughter has major sleep regression (last week she was up at 4 in the morning and never went back to sleep..)

So more showing then telling but it will come promise! (not all pictures are great with the light but well that condition will probably last till march..)

The top pic is my best thrift find ever: purple esprit boots for the grand price of 1, 75 euro that is about 2 dollard fifty I think..They are so comfy and so purple

This cake stand was brought me by Sinterklaas and I adore it. I had envisioned a glass one. But this is pretty empty too and just much better. It feels so wonderful to casual lift the top and present chocolate cupcakes (we made those again with marmalade so wonderful and decemberish)
Paddington was brought home from London and Sinterklaas brought a little Nijntje ( I can't bring myself to type Miffy that is such a stupid name for her) to accompany a recorded book for the daughter. I'd like to hear what they are talking about I mean they are working in the same market aren't they?
To make sure I got the cake stand filled I was given three fantastic cookery books. Tessa Kiros (falling cloudberries (translated as the taste of my memories which I found just lame but I need an dutch version to cook..). |The baking book has baking recipes form all over the globe and the photography is breathtaking. So lovely. The coffee book is about coffee. How it's made how you taste it. Very fun reading and recipes as well!
And this what is so great about having a daughter. My pony's have all disappeared (they were lent to a neighbour for his granddaughters and he donated them to charity instead of returning them to ME) I am more thrilled then is justified to see them in all their plastic glittery glory..

One more thing Sint brought is a butterfly invasion to both the little open space in the forest and the flower meadow..(hey have I never blogged about that room?)
So next CHRISTMAS.................................................

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