zaterdag, december 15, 2007


So we have started christmas a bit early for us this year but we couldn't wait any longer I blame all the Americans that start bothering us with trees when it is not even really december..

Lets start at the door with our christmas wreath. It is smelly with anise stars cinnamon and orangeslices.. I just can't do a glittery christmasball kind of wreath..
This is just to make sure nobody thinks it's easter (hey I never had a white christmas but I do remember a white easter!)

our tree was helped this year by the fabulous swap packet that Gina send our way (in may I believe she had it resend to her.. I swapped for some magazines and got the better end of the deal. The whitey garland was in it amongst so much more goodness ( I have now a hand sewn stocking! Ha ;-) and it makes the tree.
Here the children are unpacking her package!
Money is a bit tight her so we didn't add to the christmas village this year so it is the worlds smallest village once again. ..(a flowershop a church and a school who needs somewhere to live?)

The boy is big on christmascrafting so we made christmastrees (tutorial here via here) I love them I am going to make a hundred I think.. The advent candle is in full use. It is a great and simple way of advent for us.. When my children are older I would love to do something like this wonderful girl with them..

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