donderdag, december 06, 2007

And now he is gone

and we are going to prepare for christmas. Just decorating and cooking. No poems and wrapping and buying.. London was lovely the lot form Sinterklaas was ore then lovely (this might turn into a foodie blog ;-)

I haven't slept more then 3 hours last night because our soon to be 3 year old was wide awake trying to tell me we had forgotten to buy the christmastree. (we really want a week of quiet between the festivities. We st up our christmasvillage tomorrow and then the tree the week after that..) First I need to clear space for all our new stuff.....

OH and you know what My daughter sang yesterday? If you appy and you knowas bijt je tong

Which translates to if you happy and you know it bite your tongue..!!!!

3 opmerkingen:

Julie zei

Awwww- that is just great!!! If your happy and you know it bite your tongue!! Hilarious!!!

Kat zei

That is cute. :) Hope you don't mind, I surfed on over from the comment you left on Baggage's blog. I agree with your hesitation on blogging about religion with Americans . . . I try to avoid that subject at all times with Americans, and I'm American!!

Happy Holidays to you. :)

chest of drawers zei

Very funny! Happy decorating!