woensdag, november 21, 2007

Weirdest thing kids do to my mind

I found myself thinking. Oh God why do I need to go to London next week..
Now, that my friends is weird. I am going to London my favourite city in the whole wide world with my favourite man on the planet and I don't have to pay for it because we are going with mum and dad. So All fun. Exept we go a week before sinterklaas and we will have a babysitter in our house for a week so it needs to be saort of clean and my kids have officially transformed into a less nicer version of themselves. And we battled flue and I am tired and I can't even think about London because my brain reaches overload thiking about how on earth I am going to get there and survive and get back to a living babysitter (at this point I found it more likely that the babysitter won't survive then that my children won't)> So I am freaking out big time..

Anyone got nice London tips (fabric crafts girl party dresses, lunch dinner? ? ) so I will be able to focus on the goal. 3 hotel nights crisps in weird flavours drafted ale, bacon and eggs free museums (Tips?) tubes and all the goodness that makes London!

The pictures are of Dutch life the first one are 3 darling knitted finger puppets of Sinterklaas Zwarte Piet and Amerigo, Sinterklaas' his loyal horse. My kids got them from my best friend and they are so so cute.. The one below is my children and me 'walking lights', The children make a lantern and then we rang our neighbours doorbell while singing a Sint Maarten song. Our reward is Candy!!! And boy did we deserve it. It was chilly, windy and so wet wet...

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