dinsdag, november 13, 2007

Three more nights

and Sinterklaas will arrive in the country. So the season of wishlists has started. So I thought about my own wishlists How do I want to live my life. Funny thing is that when making the list I realised that nothing on my list is about what I want in life so much as about how I want to live them. So it seems for me there is no reason to buy a tropical island to change my life I just need to do things a bit differently..

I want to have a warm and welcoming home
I want to be a fun firm en flexible parent
I want to live close to the earth. Be out and about and have mud on my clothes every once in while
I want to shine and bubble on other times
I want making things to be part of my life
I want to live life in the moment. Slowly experiencing it
I want to help
I wnat to see the beauty that is around me every day
I want regular time to thing contemplate and be
I want to embrace growing older and I want aspire growing wiser
want to feel comfortable and pretty in my every day life
I want to love and be loved

Lots of things on this list are things I every now and again I achieve (and some every day of my life!) but it is somehow really help full to see what is really important to me...

P.S. On an almost completely unrelated note for the first time in my life I am not really looking forward to the sinterklaas season. Daughter has decided she is completely terrified of the poor man..We had to promise here that under no circumstances he will enter our house. So now we have to get Zwarte Piet to give us the shoe presents so we can put them in their shoes..

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Levin (and Emily) zei

what a fabulous list - there are so many 'wants' on there that i recognise from my own list. sure i want to own my own home (renting in australia is terrible - we've moved 5 times in 13 years) but more than that i 'want' to know that home really is where the heart is. thanks for sharing your list.