vrijdag, november 09, 2007

Hocus Pocus Pilatus Pas

No idea what english speaking children say when they do magic. But this is what mine say. We made a stormy walk today. My almost three year old and the neighbour twins. They gathered sticks and at home we put some magic to them..

So flash so blurry but when I saw the pictures they remind me of Susan, anybody happen to know how she is doing.. ?

2 opmerkingen:

Susan zei

Do you mean me, blurry-picture-loving Susan? :-) Doing fine!

English speaking children say "Abracadabra" but also use "Hocus pocus" as magical words.

elianne zei

Hocus pocus wat zat er bij de post?
een prachtig pakketje!
Dank je wel