vrijdag, november 02, 2007

A big box for a small tradition

This showed up today. I had wondered about the shipping costs for one candle. But really had to laugh about the size of the box. I have got a lot of extra bubblewrap now for all the packages I need to send out..

I am very happy with the candle though. When we became a family with children naturally we started examining family traditions. His, mine and new ones for our own children. One of the .
christmastraditions my husband grew up with is that of the advent candle. I believe it is a Danish custom. I loved it and couldn't believe that I couldn't find one anywhere two years ago. A colleague couldn't believe either as she had used them trough her children's childhood. They were nowhere. Last summer she gave me a beautiful envelop with inside it a candle. An advent candle she brought home form a small village church fair in Denmark.

Did I tell you she biked there and back with her husband? With all her belongings on her bike? And she found it on the second day of a three week holiday and still bought it for me?

We have loved lighting it every day lastdecember and I started searching early this year and am so happy I found that. I think I am going to send this picture to my friend who kept last years save on a bike wrapped in a bit of tissue paper....

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