zondag, november 25, 2007

And I am off...

tomorrowmorning. I have all ready checked in and I manged to go carry on only and still have 3 pair of shoes (I might need to buy a suitcase in London though, to get back..)

To tide you over a new bag and a not yet finished but truly enjoyed dress above ..
The bag is a gift for the babysitter. We will pay too but we found it incredible that this dear friend will live in our home and love our children for us. I think she is the only one in the world who makes it possible for me to leave home and feel confident that all will be good..

The elephant linen I bought at Namolio's etsy shop. I bought more all is yummy and the purple roses are thrifted. I made a reversible tote. It suits her well she loves elephants and she loves purple..

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chest of drawers zei

Have a wonderful and well deserved time away!And buy lots of those wonderful english magazines!