zondag, november 25, 2007

And I am off...

tomorrowmorning. I have all ready checked in and I manged to go carry on only and still have 3 pair of shoes (I might need to buy a suitcase in London though, to get back..)

To tide you over a new bag and a not yet finished but truly enjoyed dress above ..
The bag is a gift for the babysitter. We will pay too but we found it incredible that this dear friend will live in our home and love our children for us. I think she is the only one in the world who makes it possible for me to leave home and feel confident that all will be good..

The elephant linen I bought at Namolio's etsy shop. I bought more all is yummy and the purple roses are thrifted. I made a reversible tote. It suits her well she loves elephants and she loves purple..

woensdag, november 21, 2007

Weirdest thing kids do to my mind

I found myself thinking. Oh God why do I need to go to London next week..
Now, that my friends is weird. I am going to London my favourite city in the whole wide world with my favourite man on the planet and I don't have to pay for it because we are going with mum and dad. So All fun. Exept we go a week before sinterklaas and we will have a babysitter in our house for a week so it needs to be saort of clean and my kids have officially transformed into a less nicer version of themselves. And we battled flue and I am tired and I can't even think about London because my brain reaches overload thiking about how on earth I am going to get there and survive and get back to a living babysitter (at this point I found it more likely that the babysitter won't survive then that my children won't)> So I am freaking out big time..

Anyone got nice London tips (fabric crafts girl party dresses, lunch dinner? ? ) so I will be able to focus on the goal. 3 hotel nights crisps in weird flavours drafted ale, bacon and eggs free museums (Tips?) tubes and all the goodness that makes London!

The pictures are of Dutch life the first one are 3 darling knitted finger puppets of Sinterklaas Zwarte Piet and Amerigo, Sinterklaas' his loyal horse. My kids got them from my best friend and they are so so cute.. The one below is my children and me 'walking lights', The children make a lantern and then we rang our neighbours doorbell while singing a Sint Maarten song. Our reward is Candy!!! And boy did we deserve it. It was chilly, windy and so wet wet...

donderdag, november 15, 2007

For my husband

because I know you might not be bored and curious enough too read the entire archive some links from the past especially for you:

Domestic God


10 reasons

Zwart washok?

together for life

I don't think it is completely complete. But now I am fed up with the laptop and I am gonna tell you I love you.........


dinsdag, november 13, 2007

Three more nights

and Sinterklaas will arrive in the country. So the season of wishlists has started. So I thought about my own wishlists How do I want to live my life. Funny thing is that when making the list I realised that nothing on my list is about what I want in life so much as about how I want to live them. So it seems for me there is no reason to buy a tropical island to change my life I just need to do things a bit differently..

I want to have a warm and welcoming home
I want to be a fun firm en flexible parent
I want to live close to the earth. Be out and about and have mud on my clothes every once in while
I want to shine and bubble on other times
I want making things to be part of my life
I want to live life in the moment. Slowly experiencing it
I want to help
I wnat to see the beauty that is around me every day
I want regular time to thing contemplate and be
I want to embrace growing older and I want aspire growing wiser
want to feel comfortable and pretty in my every day life
I want to love and be loved

Lots of things on this list are things I every now and again I achieve (and some every day of my life!) but it is somehow really help full to see what is really important to me...

P.S. On an almost completely unrelated note for the first time in my life I am not really looking forward to the sinterklaas season. Daughter has decided she is completely terrified of the poor man..We had to promise here that under no circumstances he will enter our house. So now we have to get Zwarte Piet to give us the shoe presents so we can put them in their shoes..

vrijdag, november 09, 2007

Hocus Pocus Pilatus Pas

No idea what english speaking children say when they do magic. But this is what mine say. We made a stormy walk today. My almost three year old and the neighbour twins. They gathered sticks and at home we put some magic to them..

So flash so blurry but when I saw the pictures they remind me of Susan, anybody happen to know how she is doing.. ?

woensdag, november 07, 2007

Look what I found

How is that for a double title for this picture I found when finally tackling the pictures of last year for the childrens albums this was actually this august. I felt kind of homesick for the beach browsing all this lovely pictures of that magical time and place whilde the rain poored outside..

Besides albummaking I have been wrapping up presents and actually sewing and crafting.. (yeah it shocked me too..)

vrijdag, november 02, 2007

A big box for a small tradition

This showed up today. I had wondered about the shipping costs for one candle. But really had to laugh about the size of the box. I have got a lot of extra bubblewrap now for all the packages I need to send out..

I am very happy with the candle though. When we became a family with children naturally we started examining family traditions. His, mine and new ones for our own children. One of the .
christmastraditions my husband grew up with is that of the advent candle. I believe it is a Danish custom. I loved it and couldn't believe that I couldn't find one anywhere two years ago. A colleague couldn't believe either as she had used them trough her children's childhood. They were nowhere. Last summer she gave me a beautiful envelop with inside it a candle. An advent candle she brought home form a small village church fair in Denmark.

Did I tell you she biked there and back with her husband? With all her belongings on her bike? And she found it on the second day of a three week holiday and still bought it for me?

We have loved lighting it every day lastdecember and I started searching early this year and am so happy I found that. I think I am going to send this picture to my friend who kept last years save on a bike wrapped in a bit of tissue paper....

Our neighbourhood herron

He is so pretty in grey...

She loved it!

And I must say they were really good.. And very very easy..

Why someday I will be someones favourite MIL

My son the domestic god in training making chocolate cake The one with cherryjam from Nigella only we used grape jelly (his idea)

So i did take the pictures but it took me forever to unload them every day . This was tuesday!

EDITED TO ADD: Our most favourite babysitter in the world came round today and told us she broke up with her boyfriend so the cocolatecake served it's purpose!