donderdag, oktober 11, 2007

I have mourned a store today

My daughter and I went to say go by to our local gardencenter. They will move to another part of town next week. It was empty the fish were gone as were all other animals the cafe was closed and the play cage was closed with duct tape. I was really emotional. You see this place was the place where almost 9 years ago I took our young pup to exercise and socialize. He wasn't used to much being raised on a farm. This place was full of dogloving people who helped him grow so much. When he got ill here was where we weighed him every week with the staff anxiously asking for the numbers.. (And when your dog loses a kilo a month you need sympathy!).

When I first became a mom it was the only place to escape too I don't drive and it was the only place I could walk too easily.

I felt a fool for wanting to cry there but it is just weird that this place where I have been so happy won't be there anymore..

After that I wnet to our local goatfarm with a friend and felt like walking to the owners and demanding they never close!

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Julie zei

I am sorry- I hate when places I love close or move- it is like an old friend moving away- Sad for you too. :(