zaterdag, oktober 06, 2007

High on the "what to save in case of fire list"

These portraits of my children were my birthday gift from my 'step'grandma. I use the term step loosely. She is incredible dear to me but I never called her gran and she in age could have been my mom but she definitely is grandma to my kids!

She had drawn my boy at age two and she decided to draw my girl when she was the same age. Then she had them framed in matching frames and now I have my two two year olds looking at each other. Which is
just plain funny in my mind... I love love these portraits..MY Grandma is a skilled artists but these portraits show the love alongside the skill..

If there ever would be a fire I would be kind of said to leave the tree behind too. We got it from a neighbour of my parents in I think 1995 because it got to big for their room. It actually is a bit big four ours now....We gave away a plant cut from this one to Son's teacher and it is in his classroom... I wonder how it 'll look when son leaves the school..

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