dinsdag, oktober 02, 2007

Everything breaks but I won't

The Man is back! And he brought Swiss chocolate.... for the children! (I know I know I diet but still.)

We are in that dreaded moment of every households cycle. The 'everything breaks down at the same time' moment. So read and shudder without any exaggeration within two weeks we had this breakdowns.

1 the phone has died. I can hear people but they don't hear me. it is like a funny dream where you shout things and people don't see and hear you.. Luckily we have a very old (no speed dial no answering machine but with a cord) phone. It lives in the electricity cupboard for when we are out of power. It had seven dead spiders on it but people can hear me..

2 the dryer. It dries but it doesn't do cool cycles anymore and it is getting to hot. I once babysitted in a home where the dryer burned down and took the house with it. So this one freaks me out.

3 the dishwasher. And Oh how i hate doing dishes

4 the dvd player. It will only recognize Nemo out of all our 45 dvd's It is a nice film but even the kids tire of it ...

5 the television has lost it's stereo sound so we now have mono sound coming from the home cinema system.

6 The memory card of our camera crashed Fortunately just after I had emptied it.

7 the laptop chargercablethingie has bended and won't feed laptop no more.

8 the sewing machine went down again. I have suspected the bobbin case to be the culprit for over a year my maintenance guy disagrees but never fixes the problem. So technically that one was broken earlier the rest is true !!! And even typing this it seems unbelievable..

So this all was a good wake-up call. Pretending having a sabbatical is fine and setting up a business is scary but money in the bank is a great thing too and well I do get bored. So today I got of my ass and went to work. It is good! Although having the computer upstairs and the phoned downstairs tires after a while..

So everything is broken but I am healthy and alive and I 'm gonna earn a bit of living..

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Levin (and Emily) zei

Technology - you can't live with it but you certainly can't live without it! I would be freaked about the dryer too - mind you we don't need one in Adelaide - it hardly ever rains so I dry outside. Glad to hear your man is back and back safely too! Forget the diet - you deserve a chocolate!

Kristy zei

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