maandag, oktober 29, 2007

Starting today

I go for thirty daily things captured on camera.... Today the celebration of the new bobbincase..!


maandag, oktober 22, 2007

No sewingmachine

ordered a new bobbin case but as always loads of ideas when not possible to don anything.. So today transferred this into this: I am so happy with this patches there will be many more in the future. All illustrations in this old book are so cute! Book is actually a favourite from husbands childhood

vrijdag, oktober 19, 2007

Autumn funk

I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Lots and lots of thinking going on. And a bit of doing but not like i would like. Just now I realised it is probably a seasonal thing with me.

I promised zus to join the ordinary things fotochallenge but I am fighting with the new camera...I will do it and I almost send out her package as well.

I however have finished my cards for the autumnpostcardswap only 3 weeks late..

donderdag, oktober 11, 2007

I have mourned a store today

My daughter and I went to say go by to our local gardencenter. They will move to another part of town next week. It was empty the fish were gone as were all other animals the cafe was closed and the play cage was closed with duct tape. I was really emotional. You see this place was the place where almost 9 years ago I took our young pup to exercise and socialize. He wasn't used to much being raised on a farm. This place was full of dogloving people who helped him grow so much. When he got ill here was where we weighed him every week with the staff anxiously asking for the numbers.. (And when your dog loses a kilo a month you need sympathy!).

When I first became a mom it was the only place to escape too I don't drive and it was the only place I could walk too easily.

I felt a fool for wanting to cry there but it is just weird that this place where I have been so happy won't be there anymore..

After that I wnet to our local goatfarm with a friend and felt like walking to the owners and demanding they never close!

woensdag, oktober 10, 2007

I am Marieke

I am able

I am wise

I am responsible

I am creative

I am silly

I am happy

I am sad

I am a mother

I am a friend

I am a lover

I am a woman

I am a child

I am someones child

I am a sister

I am blessed

I am a blessing

I am

I am everything

All at once

dinsdag, oktober 09, 2007

Just to entertain my dutch readers

I often regret not writing this in dutch. Especially when thinking about children's literature or Hema stuff.. I am happy with my english blog though and never made dutch posts before. When I saw this I knew I had to make an exception.

Ik moet zeggen dat ik eigenlijk ook wel heel nieuwsgierig ben naar mijn nederlandse lezers. Dus laat een berichtje achter ok..?

zondag, oktober 07, 2007

PINK! (for the cure)

Have any pink pictures lying around? Post them here.
Every picture posted means a dollar for "Susan G. Komen for the Cure".

zaterdag, oktober 06, 2007

High on the "what to save in case of fire list"

These portraits of my children were my birthday gift from my 'step'grandma. I use the term step loosely. She is incredible dear to me but I never called her gran and she in age could have been my mom but she definitely is grandma to my kids!

She had drawn my boy at age two and she decided to draw my girl when she was the same age. Then she had them framed in matching frames and now I have my two two year olds looking at each other. Which is
just plain funny in my mind... I love love these portraits..MY Grandma is a skilled artists but these portraits show the love alongside the skill..

If there ever would be a fire I would be kind of said to leave the tree behind too. We got it from a neighbour of my parents in I think 1995 because it got to big for their room. It actually is a bit big four ours now....We gave away a plant cut from this one to Son's teacher and it is in his classroom... I wonder how it 'll look when son leaves the school..

donderdag, oktober 04, 2007

Here is for hope

The dishwasher has miraculously healed it self. A new phone has been bought and it has a rooster ringtone! laptop thing is fixed and I got a some money back from a bill I accidentally payed twice..
Also I have made something that is actually cute..In sewing class because my machine is still broken.. Nut I know how to fix it. Best news I ran into someone at the supermarket and talked about my bussiness. She told me that someone in our church workes on a similar bussinessplan. (this is good news because it is a brand new thing). Much to my surprise next person coming into the aisle we were standing is this woman. We knew each other but were never introduces and we now have planned to meet up and exchange plans problems and excitement)

I feel so much better then I did this morning...

dinsdag, oktober 02, 2007

Everything breaks but I won't

The Man is back! And he brought Swiss chocolate.... for the children! (I know I know I diet but still.)

We are in that dreaded moment of every households cycle. The 'everything breaks down at the same time' moment. So read and shudder without any exaggeration within two weeks we had this breakdowns.

1 the phone has died. I can hear people but they don't hear me. it is like a funny dream where you shout things and people don't see and hear you.. Luckily we have a very old (no speed dial no answering machine but with a cord) phone. It lives in the electricity cupboard for when we are out of power. It had seven dead spiders on it but people can hear me..

2 the dryer. It dries but it doesn't do cool cycles anymore and it is getting to hot. I once babysitted in a home where the dryer burned down and took the house with it. So this one freaks me out.

3 the dishwasher. And Oh how i hate doing dishes

4 the dvd player. It will only recognize Nemo out of all our 45 dvd's It is a nice film but even the kids tire of it ...

5 the television has lost it's stereo sound so we now have mono sound coming from the home cinema system.

6 The memory card of our camera crashed Fortunately just after I had emptied it.

7 the laptop chargercablethingie has bended and won't feed laptop no more.

8 the sewing machine went down again. I have suspected the bobbin case to be the culprit for over a year my maintenance guy disagrees but never fixes the problem. So technically that one was broken earlier the rest is true !!! And even typing this it seems unbelievable..

So this all was a good wake-up call. Pretending having a sabbatical is fine and setting up a business is scary but money in the bank is a great thing too and well I do get bored. So today I got of my ass and went to work. It is good! Although having the computer upstairs and the phoned downstairs tires after a while..

So everything is broken but I am healthy and alive and I 'm gonna earn a bit of living..