donderdag, september 27, 2007

You probably can guess that his dad went by plane

So far so good. We are all still alive the mess is manageable and they sleep. We miss him but manage. This particular trip has been postponed twice within a day of departure so part of me and the children is relieved because of the clarity. We even sort of know when dad will be back. Their will be more travels in weeks to follow.

I do need him back sooner then later. I am perfectly ok in caring for the children but I realise tat I care way less for myself wen he is out.; I have a throbbing headache because I forgot to drink yesterday. In the day while he would normally not be home as well. I don't know why this is the case but I see the pattern always when he is gone I find it hard to take care of my self.Maybe because he always makes me feel special like someone you should take care of..

I love him and I am glad my son told me planes never fall from the sky because they have got jet engines and he has painted them!

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Levin (and Emily) zei

I feel the same way when David is away. He's the other half of me when he's away, I'm not complete. Yes, like you I can do everything on my own, I'm more than capable but when he is back I feel much happier. My husband used to fly out to a small country town every Monday to do treatment for a day and come back in the evening. The plane he flew in was barely bigger than the car - it managed to stay up in the air! Everytime.

Julie zei

I love the pic! Hope he comes home soon!

Now go get a drink of water- :)

chest of drawers zei

I know how you feel too - you should make a short list to tick off every day, reminding you to drink, get enough rest and whatever else you need to take care of yourself better.