woensdag, september 26, 2007

season has started

Monday around 14.15 hours autumn started here in Groningen the Netherlands. It was very sudden. A guy must have pushed a switch somewhere. It was sunny and warm and I walked around the garden went inside and suddenly the lights went out , the wind came and when I went to school an hour later there it was. The smell of the sugarfactory (and no, that doesn’t smell like sugar it smells like sugarbeets and it is nasty!)

But well we are ready the wool jumpers are washed. Stew is on the fire, apples are blushing in the fruitbowl and cookies have been baked. Life is good.

I have also found my crafting mojo. Stay tuned! Oh and I am also singleparenting until the weekend. So stay tuned but don’t hold your breath..

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Levin (and Emily) zei

we have spring in the air, the orange blossom smells divine, as too does the jasmine. the other day it got to 32C - very warm and sunny. fortunately we don't have the sugarbeet factory.
love the apples