donderdag, september 27, 2007

You probably can guess that his dad went by plane

So far so good. We are all still alive the mess is manageable and they sleep. We miss him but manage. This particular trip has been postponed twice within a day of departure so part of me and the children is relieved because of the clarity. We even sort of know when dad will be back. Their will be more travels in weeks to follow.

I do need him back sooner then later. I am perfectly ok in caring for the children but I realise tat I care way less for myself wen he is out.; I have a throbbing headache because I forgot to drink yesterday. In the day while he would normally not be home as well. I don't know why this is the case but I see the pattern always when he is gone I find it hard to take care of my self.Maybe because he always makes me feel special like someone you should take care of..

I love him and I am glad my son told me planes never fall from the sky because they have got jet engines and he has painted them!

woensdag, september 26, 2007

season has started

Monday around 14.15 hours autumn started here in Groningen the Netherlands. It was very sudden. A guy must have pushed a switch somewhere. It was sunny and warm and I walked around the garden went inside and suddenly the lights went out , the wind came and when I went to school an hour later there it was. The smell of the sugarfactory (and no, that doesn’t smell like sugar it smells like sugarbeets and it is nasty!)

But well we are ready the wool jumpers are washed. Stew is on the fire, apples are blushing in the fruitbowl and cookies have been baked. Life is good.

I have also found my crafting mojo. Stay tuned! Oh and I am also singleparenting until the weekend. So stay tuned but don’t hold your breath..

donderdag, september 20, 2007

Hi there

I know I've neglected you. Al the posts I have writen remained in my head! Here a new picture to look at while you wait a tiny bit longer for a real post! My children walking across the waddenzeedijk in Lauwersoog.

donderdag, september 06, 2007

and now for some old fashioned dutchness

As a nation we have kind of moved on from holding our fingers in the dyke all day long and then go wooden shoe dancing but it was a beautiful past and if I get a chance I like to capture the beautiful woman as I used to call the ladies in traditional costumes when I was a kid.. Cause look ain't this gorgeous?

If you want to see more look here

zaterdag, september 01, 2007


Today it is september and today my husband son and friend of son have been gathering chestnuts and hazelnuts. So it is fall.. Time for an autumnlist! Things I look forward too this fall:

1. morning fog however my appreciation might be less since my son rides his own bike too school now..

2 the sound of fallen leaves under my feet

3 searching for gnomes in the forest

4 the smell of autumn: earthy, spicy and lovely...

5 hot chocolate after you have been soaked on your bike. Get into dry clothes and underwear and then hot chocolate

6wearing woolen sweaters and my long brown wool coat.

7 sint maarten

8 spiderwebs jewelled with dewdrops

9 picking apples from our own tree

10 making am autumnshelf with my kids

11 have a leave fight in the forest

12 snuggle indoors, enjoying the fact that when it is dark outside you wont have to do anything

13 making my autumn wreath

14 eating lots of stamppot

15 making erwtensoep (that would be a first we've chickened out of that one often. The canned one is good my parents is superior)

16planning my sinterklaasbuys

17 making and eating comfortfoods. Autumn is the time for mushrooms and roast dinners and stews

18 crafting with the kids listening to the rain.

19 going to sleep when it rains.So comforting The getting up part I don't like.

20 Looking at the colours of the trees

21 chrysanthemums and dahlias and sunflowers all the hot colours!

22 this autumn holiday we want to have a campfire with the kids in the backgarden!

23 jota. A real fall event I miss emerging in ti for a whole weekend we will visit!

14 buying new warm clothes in earthy colours.

I guess fall is the season that appeals to my inner scout the most. I know it won't be as grand as I hoped but even with lots of rain it is still a great season... I can't name a favourite season though. I just love them all and the changes the most!