woensdag, augustus 22, 2007

Crossing off my summerlist

The kid is back in school and it is raining so I am evaluating summer now despite the fact that it is still summer for a month!

32 summery things I love (originally posted the 21th of june)

1 bare feet in long grass/ done that and feet in the sand too
2 reading a book in the sun/harry potter twice among others
3 the smell of fresh cut grass/ extra smelly with all the rain we had as well
4 eating homepicked fruits/ strawberries grapes raspberries garden is a disasterzone but we have fruit!
5 wearing skirts/Mostly without tights ;-)))
6 hearing the birds sing in the house because all the doors are open../we had a nightingale coming to sing for us..
7 making sandpies in the sandpit with daughter/and sandcastles on the beach too
8 searching for bugs with son all the time./ we saved lots!
9 eating in the garden/ didn't barbecue somehow but eat outside a lot
10 the smell of sunlotion/ it was applied, but I grew tired of this one really soon
11 swimming in the sea/ every day for 3 weeks and we had great waves!!!
12 waling through the garden every morning to see whats new/ no fun garden is all wrong and badly tended!
13 watching the thunder and lightning from safe inside with my excited children/ little lightning but I watched the comets two weekends ago lying on a daybed in the garden with my husband . That was fun too
14 eating icecreams/ gained 5 kilo's this summer
15 strawberries with homemade whipped cream/ yep though I took yoghurt today for reason mentioned above
16 hanging my laundry outside,/on holiday but weather was too unreliable most of the days at home.
17 the feeling of sun on skin/yes!! but rain too
18 picking flowers/ too little was done of this we need to tackle the garden
19 long beach walks without shoes of course/ we even went looking for prehistoric shells and sharkteeth which was great!
20 the mailman coming round I had my first card of the postcardswap! /all 13 were gorgeous and mine turned out nice enough
21 drinking wine in the garden till its dark/ yep while gazing shooting stars among other times
22 camping/ not yet my children are screamers and we can't camp just in free nature so we wait a while!
23 Having husband and son home for weeks/ loved it but liked the quietness of just the girls too this last two days
24 embroidering in the garden while watching the children play/little embroidery but they played like I have never seen before. The girl is getting big! He is so pleased!
25 never to think about what the weather will be just know it's hot/ well no. We had precisely two hot days..
26 drinking witbier on a terrace watching everybody go bY/much less fun if you've got your kids with you!
27 biking with the kids looking at the horses the cow and the sheep/sheep say bèh
28 splashing in the pool/ the sea was so good we never made it to the pool!
29 the peppery smell of our yellow oenothera when they open at night while we drink our wine/ still peppery
30 reading all the summer magazines and dreaming about the perfect house/ dreamed and dreamed and dreamed and are ready to go for it!
31 going on long long holiday's/ 3 weeks was exactly long enough
32 celebrating my birthday. Today on midsummersday I am 32!/ it is a good age and it was good day

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Levin (and Emily) zei

Happy Birthday!

I love your summer list - glad you got to do some of it. I know what you mean about holidays - I long for them to come so we can all be home and when they are over I'm happy to return to the peace of having just one at home with me and two at school and husband at work. I usually spend two days fixing the chaos that has been caused by having all three children (and one husband) at home!
I read Harry Potter too - but it was a winter read for me.