zondag, juli 22, 2007

Why you should never wallpaper your nursery

1 You will owe your parents in law big time. They have risked their marriage for you by wallpapering together.

2 Todllers rip, tear and destruct. They won't stop just because you love the wallpaper.

3 When your kid is five and wants a different colour in his room you'll have to rip the wallpaper of. Painting over it won't be possible because toddlers rip.

4 The big appeal of wallpapering is that it covers stuff. Which is good when you bought a newly build with bare concrete outer walls and bare plaster innerwalls. It saves on filling holes big time. You won't be happy though once the kid is five and you have ripped it all of (unfortunately todllers rip but they are not that good on it...)

So we are in the middle of creating a forrest and it will be great. I am in the process of photographing every step (We won't allow him to destruct this so we are going to show the blood sweat and tears this time!). It is going realy well, I do wish I hadn't planned this in the weekend of The End!

So some pictures of the room as it were! Next the big unveiling (MOVE THAT TRUCK)...

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