woensdag, juli 18, 2007

This is not a potato

it's a stone. We have had so much fun with it. I have tried to peel it several times and it is a really weird sensation to feel the cool smoothness of a stone when you fully expect potatoskin. Childish but so much fun!
It is a really weird week here. Monday we had a funeral. Not someone we were really close to but were close to people who are. And well there were children involved and crying teenager boy's so it was emotionally exhausting. We recharged holding the fresh baby of good friends who we hadn't seen yet because it's a long drive. They live round the corner of the crematory though so that was good. Yesterday I talked about love and relationships withy a customer. Great but exhausting and friday I will be at the wedding of a friend I've known for 28 years. There will be tears again. It's not a shallow week!

Elianne I guess you won yourself a price by guessing ;-) Mail me your adress!

2 opmerkingen:

elianne zei

ik heb jou emailadres niet meer..dus mail mij, mail ik je terug

Mirre zei

Tja, dat zag ik dus echt niet!