zondag, juli 15, 2007

Rainyday craftpost

We did have a some sun the last couple of days but not enough to declare summer! It is however summer holiday so we needed something to keep children and mum occupied. So life size3 drawing it was. I had the children lie on some leftover wallpaper and went round them with a marker (Incredibly funny according to my children. I cut the figures out put them on their bedroom doors and they spend over an hour drawing on their portraits. Huge success!!!

We spend a tense day watching if close by neighbours were coming home with a baby since we saw them leaving for the hospital. We don't know them that well yet because they are only just living here and without children both worked full time. So when a poster indicated a girl was born I started sewing. Bitty booties ones more.I love this pattern so much! And when the sun isn't shining make sure you get artificial sunshine in the house. Sew Orange! When you are just as bored by the weather or anything else here is a little game for you. I made photo of our potato harvest (eating new potato's should definitely be on my "I love summerlis"t!). But here is the question. Can you find the error in this picture? Give me an answer in the comments. Little price for the person who gets it..

3 opmerkingen:

Mirre zei

Grrrr, ik kan het niet hebben dat ik het niet weet! Kun je geen hint geven ;)

Dorien zei

Ik zie het óók niet !!!!

elianne zei

er ligt een steen tussen de aardappels. Hij is vermomd als aardappel dus eigenlijk kun je 'm er niet tussen herkennen.
Of het zijn allemaal stenen en 1 vermomde aardappel.
Wil de echte steen opstaan!