vrijdag, juli 06, 2007

Note to self!

never ever make you summerlists to smug. Remember number 25 ? Suffice to say it has rained ever since. When you want to know why rain is beautiful, head over to Amy. I have forgotten.

I caught myself thinking about how to decorate the house for christmas. Just like that (Whenever I get our camera back from the 24/7 working husband. I Have got something to show you. BY the way, our camera is better then the camera at work and he works in spaceresearch so the workcamera wasn't cheep but my husband was a gadgetman) (Well that was the longest running sentence since the start of this blog! Sorry)

Where was I, speaking of christmasdecorations I need to show you the fantastic box of decorations Gina send me as part of a swap!

I have been seriously busy with number 30 of my summerlist so when that camera comes back, be ready for picture overload!!!

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Amy zei

Ha - sorry bout that. I *think* it is finally drying up over here. At least you have a lovely place to do the laundry now :-)even if it is too wet to hang the clothes out on the line to dry.