zondag, juli 08, 2007

My fresh and girly laundryroom!

remember this? I do and it was a sad little room back then. It still isn't completely finished but so far t is making me insanely happy. It is very much not black. But I think even husband secretly likes it. I find myself walking in the room and just dreaming a little while. My laundry has never been so on track in my life! I behave like a pregnant woman wondering around the nursery. It just makes me so happy. When I first started thinking about this room I theorized that if I made my working area's nicer to be in it would be easier to do my housework so far it is working. So I tackled the cupboard under the stairs (and I found the source of smell and fruitflies( don't ask!): and I have done loads in my study! I'm on a flow here!It was about time because my first post about this laundry room was actually a year old this friday. Maybe july is my laundry month? Here another view of moms pride and joy!

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autum zei

It looks wonderful! Very fresh and girly!!!