dinsdag, juli 10, 2007

Got my camera back!

So a picturepost to celebrate. Yesterdays rain was quite impressive I missed the marblesize hailstones though I mean they were there but I hadn't found the camera quick enough..

I cant believe I forgot to blog about the most wonderful birthday gift I ever got. Especially shameful since I complained so much last year! Husband bought me a necklace and bracelet form this jewellery designer. We saw her work in a gallery and we loved it all. This is quite seldom that we both fall completely and hopelessly in love with the same object. Husband was the first to check out the pricetags. But since we started in the gold department it was a bit much. Then we saw this and as husband said: you know those stones have the colours of your eyes it was sold. I love this set so much. It is so delicate and the silver threads are actually knitted!There aren't many positive sides to being dogless in my opinion but I do appreciate finally meeting our resident hedgehog. While my husband build our garden, he designed a hedgehog house in a designed messy corner. We suspected for years that indeed something was living there. We saw hedgehog in the street found poo on the lawn but never met. This summer he is far more friendly. I think he needs a name does he look like a Fed?
Fred de Egel, sounds right I think!

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