donderdag, juli 12, 2007

Forest room inspiration board

Son and I made an inspiration board because he is getting a new room. His see and beach themed paradise will be all foresty in a couples of weeks time. I loved doing the inspiration board with him..
He patiently cut about 10 different bird pics for his room, I haven't put them on the mood board because I want to use them for little artwork. Here is our current 'plan':
As you can see son is completely taken by the wallpapertree's by Inke There is no way we can afford them though. They are 195 euro's for a tree and I am supposed to make a forest. Also I think they are a bit to bright for our taste. So we will be doing our own twist on them. I do feel slightly uncomfortable by that since I am quite sure I never would have thought of this and she should be paid credit for this amazing creations. On the other hand I am quite exited about what I will make of it.. Here is the mini version of our tree..

And just look how my boy as a real practical male has drawn a clothing cupboard for the plan. Al this butterfly daydreams are fine but a boy needs a house for his clothes too.
Note the amount of fotowallpaper on the board. That's mine. I so want to do that but boy's room is too small. In daughters room husband put down a veto but he is warming up to the idea. I guess we have to redo our bedroom!

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