dinsdag, juli 03, 2007

de post, de post we brengen u de post

It is a completely silly simple little song that was sung in a longaway time by the people who brought me the letters of my boyfriend when I was 16 and in South Korea for a world jamboree.. It holds so much dear memories of how happy mail can make you.. Lately I have been reminded about my lvoe for snailmail! Summer has been coming prom the postman this last couple of weeks and I 'm going to share some with you. If you want to know where they are from and what I thought about them check out my flickrpage! And if you like them there is going to be an autumnswap too!

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Cathy zei

Hi Marieke--

Your postcard just arrived all the way from the Netherlands! Thanks for your kind words. Lovely photo--did you take it yourself?

chest of drawers zei