vrijdag, juli 27, 2007

colour + colour

Husbands new shirt..


wouldn't it be lovely to go on a holiday and not pack woolen tights for under the summerskirts... ?

zondag, juli 22, 2007

Why you should never wallpaper your nursery

1 You will owe your parents in law big time. They have risked their marriage for you by wallpapering together.

2 Todllers rip, tear and destruct. They won't stop just because you love the wallpaper.

3 When your kid is five and wants a different colour in his room you'll have to rip the wallpaper of. Painting over it won't be possible because toddlers rip.

4 The big appeal of wallpapering is that it covers stuff. Which is good when you bought a newly build with bare concrete outer walls and bare plaster innerwalls. It saves on filling holes big time. You won't be happy though once the kid is five and you have ripped it all of (unfortunately todllers rip but they are not that good on it...)

So we are in the middle of creating a forrest and it will be great. I am in the process of photographing every step (We won't allow him to destruct this so we are going to show the blood sweat and tears this time!). It is going realy well, I do wish I hadn't planned this in the weekend of The End!

So some pictures of the room as it were! Next the big unveiling (MOVE THAT TRUCK)...

donderdag, juli 19, 2007

flickr makes me a better mom

I just heard this unusual sound in between the playing sounds. Splashing and I remembered son talking about making a sea. And there they were. In the bathtub with an entire bag of cottonballs and rocks and shells. And while I frantically tried to prevent our sewer from getting blocked by the cotton I couldn't help but smile and thinking this would have been a great photo for the summer creativity pool.. It was that thought that kept me from getting ad. And all in all they had a great time playing and they even remembered to take their clothes of

woensdag, juli 18, 2007


In the harves picture the stone is the one completely in the middle. I know and I still don't see it!

This is not a potato

it's a stone. We have had so much fun with it. I have tried to peel it several times and it is a really weird sensation to feel the cool smoothness of a stone when you fully expect potatoskin. Childish but so much fun!
It is a really weird week here. Monday we had a funeral. Not someone we were really close to but were close to people who are. And well there were children involved and crying teenager boy's so it was emotionally exhausting. We recharged holding the fresh baby of good friends who we hadn't seen yet because it's a long drive. They live round the corner of the crematory though so that was good. Yesterday I talked about love and relationships withy a customer. Great but exhausting and friday I will be at the wedding of a friend I've known for 28 years. There will be tears again. It's not a shallow week!

Elianne I guess you won yourself a price by guessing ;-) Mail me your adress!

dinsdag, juli 17, 2007

ok a hint

would it help if I told you that son is an avid stone collector?

zondag, juli 15, 2007

Now that wasn't an improvement was it?

Bear with me untiul I actually have made a new banner. Workling on it this was a test but it published no time to do anything about it now!

Rainyday craftpost

We did have a some sun the last couple of days but not enough to declare summer! It is however summer holiday so we needed something to keep children and mum occupied. So life size3 drawing it was. I had the children lie on some leftover wallpaper and went round them with a marker (Incredibly funny according to my children. I cut the figures out put them on their bedroom doors and they spend over an hour drawing on their portraits. Huge success!!!

We spend a tense day watching if close by neighbours were coming home with a baby since we saw them leaving for the hospital. We don't know them that well yet because they are only just living here and without children both worked full time. So when a poster indicated a girl was born I started sewing. Bitty booties ones more.I love this pattern so much! And when the sun isn't shining make sure you get artificial sunshine in the house. Sew Orange! When you are just as bored by the weather or anything else here is a little game for you. I made photo of our potato harvest (eating new potato's should definitely be on my "I love summerlis"t!). But here is the question. Can you find the error in this picture? Give me an answer in the comments. Little price for the person who gets it..

donderdag, juli 12, 2007

Forest room inspiration board

Son and I made an inspiration board because he is getting a new room. His see and beach themed paradise will be all foresty in a couples of weeks time. I loved doing the inspiration board with him..
He patiently cut about 10 different bird pics for his room, I haven't put them on the mood board because I want to use them for little artwork. Here is our current 'plan':
As you can see son is completely taken by the wallpapertree's by Inke There is no way we can afford them though. They are 195 euro's for a tree and I am supposed to make a forest. Also I think they are a bit to bright for our taste. So we will be doing our own twist on them. I do feel slightly uncomfortable by that since I am quite sure I never would have thought of this and she should be paid credit for this amazing creations. On the other hand I am quite exited about what I will make of it.. Here is the mini version of our tree..

And just look how my boy as a real practical male has drawn a clothing cupboard for the plan. Al this butterfly daydreams are fine but a boy needs a house for his clothes too.
Note the amount of fotowallpaper on the board. That's mine. I so want to do that but boy's room is too small. In daughters room husband put down a veto but he is warming up to the idea. I guess we have to redo our bedroom!

dinsdag, juli 10, 2007

Got my camera back!

So a picturepost to celebrate. Yesterdays rain was quite impressive I missed the marblesize hailstones though I mean they were there but I hadn't found the camera quick enough..

I cant believe I forgot to blog about the most wonderful birthday gift I ever got. Especially shameful since I complained so much last year! Husband bought me a necklace and bracelet form this jewellery designer. We saw her work in a gallery and we loved it all. This is quite seldom that we both fall completely and hopelessly in love with the same object. Husband was the first to check out the pricetags. But since we started in the gold department it was a bit much. Then we saw this and as husband said: you know those stones have the colours of your eyes it was sold. I love this set so much. It is so delicate and the silver threads are actually knitted!There aren't many positive sides to being dogless in my opinion but I do appreciate finally meeting our resident hedgehog. While my husband build our garden, he designed a hedgehog house in a designed messy corner. We suspected for years that indeed something was living there. We saw hedgehog in the street found poo on the lawn but never met. This summer he is far more friendly. I think he needs a name does he look like a Fed?
Fred de Egel, sounds right I think!

zondag, juli 08, 2007

My fresh and girly laundryroom!

remember this? I do and it was a sad little room back then. It still isn't completely finished but so far t is making me insanely happy. It is very much not black. But I think even husband secretly likes it. I find myself walking in the room and just dreaming a little while. My laundry has never been so on track in my life! I behave like a pregnant woman wondering around the nursery. It just makes me so happy. When I first started thinking about this room I theorized that if I made my working area's nicer to be in it would be easier to do my housework so far it is working. So I tackled the cupboard under the stairs (and I found the source of smell and fruitflies( don't ask!): and I have done loads in my study! I'm on a flow here!It was about time because my first post about this laundry room was actually a year old this friday. Maybe july is my laundry month? Here another view of moms pride and joy!

vrijdag, juli 06, 2007

Note to self!

never ever make you summerlists to smug. Remember number 25 ? Suffice to say it has rained ever since. When you want to know why rain is beautiful, head over to Amy. I have forgotten.

I caught myself thinking about how to decorate the house for christmas. Just like that (Whenever I get our camera back from the 24/7 working husband. I Have got something to show you. BY the way, our camera is better then the camera at work and he works in spaceresearch so the workcamera wasn't cheep but my husband was a gadgetman) (Well that was the longest running sentence since the start of this blog! Sorry)

Where was I, speaking of christmasdecorations I need to show you the fantastic box of decorations Gina send me as part of a swap!

I have been seriously busy with number 30 of my summerlist so when that camera comes back, be ready for picture overload!!!

woensdag, juli 04, 2007

I've finished something

rembember this plan? It is finished: Now I am figuring out what to do with it... I think I will put it on a contrasting backing and nail that onto a square canvass.. I don't want to put glass over it because I love the texture.

dinsdag, juli 03, 2007

de post, de post we brengen u de post

It is a completely silly simple little song that was sung in a longaway time by the people who brought me the letters of my boyfriend when I was 16 and in South Korea for a world jamboree.. It holds so much dear memories of how happy mail can make you.. Lately I have been reminded about my lvoe for snailmail! Summer has been coming prom the postman this last couple of weeks and I 'm going to share some with you. If you want to know where they are from and what I thought about them check out my flickrpage! And if you like them there is going to be an autumnswap too!