woensdag, juni 13, 2007

Sunday walks

When we lost the puppy back in march in all our sadness we promised ourselves something. If we weren't having the puppy we hoped for, we would be enjoy our freedom. we would be taking the roadtrips we always say we should make.

We kept the promise. We're doing a lot of fun stuf lately and even entered the sunday walk. It results in the need to buy a extra harddisk and the realisation that I do love to photograph.. And I want to do it more and do more with it..

So pictures from sundays walk in het vijftigbunderbos in Noordlaren (In dutch: Winnie the Pooh lives in the honderdbunderbos so I loved the name and indeed I loved this forest it was tiny and had such a fairytale atmosphere.

3 opmerkingen:

Gina zei

It sounds like fun and the woods are beautiful. I have to admit that even myself turns into a kids in a fairy land when I'm in the woods.

Gretchen zei

I'm sorry for your loss. Your woods are beautiful. In 1999, my family did a house exchange between Colorado (USA) and Oisterwijk, Netherlands. It was difficult because of the ages of the children (1 and 3), but we have such lovely memories of the town and the countryside. I want to go back as soon as we can. I hope the exchange rate gets just a wee bit better, first though. :)

Amy zei

My goodness, it's been so long since I've caught up with you. Looks like you are all doing well. The photographs that you've taken on trips lately are just magical - I love them. And I love the mcqueencake - especially that new word. :-)