woensdag, juni 20, 2007

mom improves

I am improving every day of my life. Somtimes it is much more clearly then others. Last week I had one of those days thet made me realised how much being a mom changed me - mostly in a good way.
We had a meeting with Sons teacher and we left the room shocked. This teacher is a replacement for Sons regular teacher who is home on sickleave since march. The last talk with her (end of february) centered round how we could make sure our in her words 'gifted son'
would not get bored in school. So we left proud and happy that she saw what our kid needed. Yesterday we got a completely different tune. Son is an average boy that needs to play outside a lot and can recognise some letters. He reads books on his own at home. Needless to say we are very worried.


I did not burst into tears.
stayed calm and collected.
presented the view of sick teacher calmly
wrote a very nice letter asking for a meeting to discuss our worries.

This probably comes naturally to all of you but to me it is a big achievement. I have never been good at critisism and before I was a mom I thought it would be so much harder if my children were involved.

It isn't. Were as if one critice me I get angy and emoptionally I can stay very calm with son. I suppose because I always tend to think people are right when it is about me. And there is no way I can accept this view of my child as right. Even if he does display this behaviour (I think that is possible) there is something going seriously wrong...

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chest of drawers zei

Congratulations for staying calm!I have had similar experiences with my children´s teachers and I regret that my emotions often got the better of me so I couldn´t defend my children correctly. It´s time for schools and teachers to adapt to the children and not the other way around.