zaterdag, juni 30, 2007

Help needed: My fabric stash is being threathened

and not by my husband this time. My coatcollection seems to have gotten attention of moths. I have freezed those couts (since they are to fragile to wash and drycleaning well is a bit dire for items almost never wonr. But my fabric was in the same cupboard until recently I washed was was there I have a scrapdrwaer in the same colour that I think I will ditch (Ha moths are alsmost as good for my housekeeping as gettin a baby.. I already scrubbed down the cupboard)

I am though very at loss at what to do now. Get chemicals in my stast. Freeze the wool that has been there? (and what about the normal cottons?) I am torn between hating chemicals and the fear of a moth explosion in the future..
And from now on all thrifted wools will be frozen!

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