maandag, juni 11, 2007

The boy is five

He had a glorious birthday. The only problem we as his parents see is that we might set the standard a tad little high for years to come. All of the 38 cupcakes I made for school were finished and the little edible butterflies were apparently worth the effort because son kept on telling “the kids didn’t believe they could eat them and they really, really could and they liked them.

The party was a great success. We had 6 four year olds splashing in the kiddie pool and a lightning mcQueencake. ( Husband had to retrieve the knife because I remembered it wasn't photographed!)(part 2 of the baking, it did melt a bit due to the weather!) and presents. We did actually plan something but with the temperature being 32 C we did think pool and waterbombs would be enough and we were right.

Bit of a milestone this, our first real childrensparty as parents. I can’t believe I am a mom for 5 years now. Look at my baby! that was five years ago yesterday!

Saturday we had another hot day with a pool, presents and cake of course.! A creepy crawlertheme this time.. Son had huge smiles and the meltdown never came. It was just right this birthday. Just lovely and happy and splashy!

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Mirre zei

Gefeliciteerd met je zoon!
Amber was vorige week ook jarig... ze werd al 6 (zo groot)!

Gretchen zei

Beautiful cupcakes!