vrijdag, juni 29, 2007

5 reasons why today was not my day

* When I had just kicked up the sewingmachine husband called could I bring in the fancy camera into work because they really needed it. so i hauled girl on the bike i the rain and went

*it left me with an hour shorter to make sons teachers present (schol ends next week but I hadn't realised she is all ready on vacation (it's the substitute))and therefor I had no time to undo a twisted handle. It bugs me. She liked it though but well I hadn't got a camera so there is only this scan of it left.That bugs me too ( do yourecognise the drawing. Elianne inpired me for this!)

* When I picked up son from a playdate he cried again because he didn't want to see me he wanted to play. It just hurts a little

*My sewingmachine has decided it can only stitch straight. It just doesn't do applique stitches anymore.. I think it has sewing machine dementia

* On a related note my 5 year old dishwasher is not functioning, I got an almost 300 euro bill on the repair of our 5 year old cv (Don't know the word in english but it 's the thing that keeps your warm and the dryer smells burned so no more clothes in there..

*clothesline is not an option it has rained for a week and it is 13 degrees .

*while waiting for son to do a pee in the park (He just couldn't hold it anymore A herron pooped on both daughter and me. Unfortunately I picked up son before I noticed so I have 3 coats in the washingmachine right now. Did I mention my dryer is dying?

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chest of drawers zei

That´s too much bad luck! Things can only get better. I don´t know what to do about those moths...maybe Lavender?