donderdag, juni 21, 2007

32 summery things I love

1 bare feet in long grass
2 reading a book in the sun
3 the smell of fresh cut grass
4 eating homepicked fruits
5 wearing skirts
6 hearing te birds sing in the house because all the doors are open..
7 making sandpies in the sandpit with daughter
8 searching for bugs with son all the time.
9 eating in the garden
10 the smell of sunlotion
11 swimming in the sea
12 waling through the garden every morning to see whats new
13 watching the thunder and lightning from safe inside with my excited children
14 eating icecreams
15 strawberries with homemade whipped cream
16 hanging my laundry outside
17 the feeling of sun on skin
18 picking flowers
19 long beach walks without shoes of course
20 the mailman coming round I had my first card of the postcardswap!
21 drinking wine in the garden till its dark
22 camping
23 Having husband and son home for weeks
24 embroidering in the garden while watching the children play
25 never to think about what the weather will be just know it's hot
26 drinking witbier on a terrace watching everybody goby
27 biking with the kids looking at the horses the cow and the sheep
28 splashing in the pool
29 the peppery smell of our yellow oenothera when they open at night while we drink our wine
30 reading all the summer magazines adn dreaming about the perfect house
31 going on long long holiday's
32 celebrating my birthday. Today on midsummersday I am 32!

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Mirre zei


Cathy zei

Happy Birthday, Mijk! I adore lists like this, they make you realize all the simply joys there are to be had. Hope your summer is fantastic and your postcards all find happy homes.


Susan zei

Alsnog gefeliciteerd, voor zowel je eigen verjaardag als die van S. Vind jouw lijst helemaal super!

chest of drawers zei

I love all these things too! Happy Birthday!

Amy zei

Oh, I ALWAYS love your lists, you know. But peppery flowers while drinking wine... Witbier... I'm coming over right now :-) -- Wonderful feelings of summer though sorry about #25.