zaterdag, juni 30, 2007

Help needed: My fabric stash is being threathened

and not by my husband this time. My coatcollection seems to have gotten attention of moths. I have freezed those couts (since they are to fragile to wash and drycleaning well is a bit dire for items almost never wonr. But my fabric was in the same cupboard until recently I washed was was there I have a scrapdrwaer in the same colour that I think I will ditch (Ha moths are alsmost as good for my housekeeping as gettin a baby.. I already scrubbed down the cupboard)

I am though very at loss at what to do now. Get chemicals in my stast. Freeze the wool that has been there? (and what about the normal cottons?) I am torn between hating chemicals and the fear of a moth explosion in the future..
And from now on all thrifted wools will be frozen!

vrijdag, juni 29, 2007

reason number 8

I can't count anymore!

5 reasons why today was not my day

* When I had just kicked up the sewingmachine husband called could I bring in the fancy camera into work because they really needed it. so i hauled girl on the bike i the rain and went

*it left me with an hour shorter to make sons teachers present (schol ends next week but I hadn't realised she is all ready on vacation (it's the substitute))and therefor I had no time to undo a twisted handle. It bugs me. She liked it though but well I hadn't got a camera so there is only this scan of it left.That bugs me too ( do yourecognise the drawing. Elianne inpired me for this!)

* When I picked up son from a playdate he cried again because he didn't want to see me he wanted to play. It just hurts a little

*My sewingmachine has decided it can only stitch straight. It just doesn't do applique stitches anymore.. I think it has sewing machine dementia

* On a related note my 5 year old dishwasher is not functioning, I got an almost 300 euro bill on the repair of our 5 year old cv (Don't know the word in english but it 's the thing that keeps your warm and the dryer smells burned so no more clothes in there..

*clothesline is not an option it has rained for a week and it is 13 degrees .

*while waiting for son to do a pee in the park (He just couldn't hold it anymore A herron pooped on both daughter and me. Unfortunately I picked up son before I noticed so I have 3 coats in the washingmachine right now. Did I mention my dryer is dying?

woensdag, juni 27, 2007

Summertime = time to buy some stamps!

I have finished with my postcards from the summerpostcardswap that Andrea ad Hula seventy organised! Here is a stamps and the it rains like it is sneakpeak of what I 'll sen out once I've got my stamps ( no internationalapril (someone organised a monthswap I think and june and april swapped because in april we had a heatwave now it is 23 degrees c lower!).

Tomorrow I'll show what I got so far. It is so much fun finding all this lovely cards in the mail everyday!

donderdag, juni 21, 2007

32 summery things I love

1 bare feet in long grass
2 reading a book in the sun
3 the smell of fresh cut grass
4 eating homepicked fruits
5 wearing skirts
6 hearing te birds sing in the house because all the doors are open..
7 making sandpies in the sandpit with daughter
8 searching for bugs with son all the time.
9 eating in the garden
10 the smell of sunlotion
11 swimming in the sea
12 waling through the garden every morning to see whats new
13 watching the thunder and lightning from safe inside with my excited children
14 eating icecreams
15 strawberries with homemade whipped cream
16 hanging my laundry outside
17 the feeling of sun on skin
18 picking flowers
19 long beach walks without shoes of course
20 the mailman coming round I had my first card of the postcardswap!
21 drinking wine in the garden till its dark
22 camping
23 Having husband and son home for weeks
24 embroidering in the garden while watching the children play
25 never to think about what the weather will be just know it's hot
26 drinking witbier on a terrace watching everybody goby
27 biking with the kids looking at the horses the cow and the sheep
28 splashing in the pool
29 the peppery smell of our yellow oenothera when they open at night while we drink our wine
30 reading all the summer magazines adn dreaming about the perfect house
31 going on long long holiday's
32 celebrating my birthday. Today on midsummersday I am 32!

woensdag, juni 20, 2007

mom improves

I am improving every day of my life. Somtimes it is much more clearly then others. Last week I had one of those days thet made me realised how much being a mom changed me - mostly in a good way.
We had a meeting with Sons teacher and we left the room shocked. This teacher is a replacement for Sons regular teacher who is home on sickleave since march. The last talk with her (end of february) centered round how we could make sure our in her words 'gifted son'
would not get bored in school. So we left proud and happy that she saw what our kid needed. Yesterday we got a completely different tune. Son is an average boy that needs to play outside a lot and can recognise some letters. He reads books on his own at home. Needless to say we are very worried.


I did not burst into tears.
stayed calm and collected.
presented the view of sick teacher calmly
wrote a very nice letter asking for a meeting to discuss our worries.

This probably comes naturally to all of you but to me it is a big achievement. I have never been good at critisism and before I was a mom I thought it would be so much harder if my children were involved.

It isn't. Were as if one critice me I get angy and emoptionally I can stay very calm with son. I suppose because I always tend to think people are right when it is about me. And there is no way I can accept this view of my child as right. Even if he does display this behaviour (I think that is possible) there is something going seriously wrong...

vrijdag, juni 15, 2007

my little artists

sons selfportrait for his annual schoolreport(he will have 8 of those when he finishes the 'basisschool'.

Daughters portrait of Oma. Daughter is 2 years and 5 months old. We consider putting her into artschool ;-)

woensdag, juni 13, 2007

Sunday walks

When we lost the puppy back in march in all our sadness we promised ourselves something. If we weren't having the puppy we hoped for, we would be enjoy our freedom. we would be taking the roadtrips we always say we should make.

We kept the promise. We're doing a lot of fun stuf lately and even entered the sunday walk. It results in the need to buy a extra harddisk and the realisation that I do love to photograph.. And I want to do it more and do more with it..

So pictures from sundays walk in het vijftigbunderbos in Noordlaren (In dutch: Winnie the Pooh lives in the honderdbunderbos so I loved the name and indeed I loved this forest it was tiny and had such a fairytale atmosphere.

maandag, juni 11, 2007

The boy is five

He had a glorious birthday. The only problem we as his parents see is that we might set the standard a tad little high for years to come. All of the 38 cupcakes I made for school were finished and the little edible butterflies were apparently worth the effort because son kept on telling “the kids didn’t believe they could eat them and they really, really could and they liked them.

The party was a great success. We had 6 four year olds splashing in the kiddie pool and a lightning mcQueencake. ( Husband had to retrieve the knife because I remembered it wasn't photographed!)(part 2 of the baking, it did melt a bit due to the weather!) and presents. We did actually plan something but with the temperature being 32 C we did think pool and waterbombs would be enough and we were right.

Bit of a milestone this, our first real childrensparty as parents. I can’t believe I am a mom for 5 years now. Look at my baby! that was five years ago yesterday!

Saturday we had another hot day with a pool, presents and cake of course.! A creepy crawlertheme this time.. Son had huge smiles and the meltdown never came. It was just right this birthday. Just lovely and happy and splashy!

woensdag, juni 06, 2007

Crafting, baking, gardening, writing, invoicing and cleaning!

it seems my life clicked back into gear. I've done a lot and it does feel good. I neglected my computer a lot. I guess you really haven't seen a difference but the last week or so I have not only not written blogposts. I haven't read hardly any either..

I think I will get writing again and keep limiting the reading because I realised that since stopped at the job it sometimes felt I spend more time occupying myself with your life then with my own. Which is weird because I live a good life.

So about the title
The crafting some bitty booties for a just born little babygirl, The baking: in process birtdaycakes (cars and crawly creatures and butterfly cupcakes for school. Yep we have a birthday. Son will be 5 on saturday which is unbelievable..)

Gardening: well the gardens gear is the same as mine apparently. Suddenly it bursts with life and smell and colour..

I'll spare you the invoicing and the cleaning for now but trust me both is good!

I think I'll talk to you again on the other side of 5!