donderdag, mei 10, 2007

I homeschooled today!

Had my boy home sick but not really sick, you know what I mean, the really tiring face... I planned some sewing and he immediately jumped in. Saying he wanted to make a present for his sister. I showed him Calvins blogpost and he agreed that drawing should be the first step.. He came up with this...Then he drew on fabric, pinned (mum I think the pins don't like me they keep going in my skin instead of the fabric) . We chose fabrics and sewed this. Daughter is mighty pleased with it .. She wanted to call it papegaai (parrot) but that disturbed son so now it is called snoepje (candy). I embroidered it's name on just in case. No need for endless rows on how this thing needs to be called. Snoepje seems an appropriate name I wanted to eat it...

Here the creator proudly presenting( he actuality did give it to his sister which impressed me as he was so proud!)..

And here My W.I.P I do think she will look so smart with her coordinating toy and dress..

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PĂ©itseoga zei

oh, both projects are just gorgeous! heelemal goed! the dress is cute, did you make the pattern yourself?

chest of drawers zei

Lovely things -what a clever boy!

Strikkelise zei

What a lovely dress and super cute toy!

Gretchen zei

I wish I could sew garments! I can quilt, but not "sew".


Madi zei

How fantastic!

I found this post through iwannabecrafty's blog, and I really like this little creature!

Snoepje is a very fitting name for it too. Makes me want to rummage around in my stash and see what comes up...