donderdag, mei 10, 2007

I homeschooled today!

Had my boy home sick but not really sick, you know what I mean, the really tiring face... I planned some sewing and he immediately jumped in. Saying he wanted to make a present for his sister. I showed him Calvins blogpost and he agreed that drawing should be the first step.. He came up with this...Then he drew on fabric, pinned (mum I think the pins don't like me they keep going in my skin instead of the fabric) . We chose fabrics and sewed this. Daughter is mighty pleased with it .. She wanted to call it papegaai (parrot) but that disturbed son so now it is called snoepje (candy). I embroidered it's name on just in case. No need for endless rows on how this thing needs to be called. Snoepje seems an appropriate name I wanted to eat it...

Here the creator proudly presenting( he actuality did give it to his sister which impressed me as he was so proud!)..

And here My W.I.P I do think she will look so smart with her coordinating toy and dress..

vrijdag, mei 04, 2007


Look at my Queensdayloot! I bought several books, a teaservice for the daughter and a new handbag but this floweryprint was the best find ever! 50 cent for four meters of this gorgeous fabric. I bought the check to combine it in a little dress for daughter!

Then wall paper I finally tackled the laundryroom and fed up with painting I decided the focal wal needed wallpaper. OH boy why do I forget? I hate wallpapering and I suck at it to be perfectly honest. So let's put her out in the open:


And of course garden flowers! The garden explodes. The passionflower is on the verge of blooming while ususally it hasn't even showed this time of year (normal winters it dies back.. ). I haven't done much photography in the garden yet, when I am in it I just tend to enjoy it ....This is last weeks I love this greens together