maandag, april 16, 2007

Still adjusting

I can't believe it's almost two weeks again! So here some pictures of things I have done the last two weeks. It might be a while for I sew again because my machine broke down yet again..

The apron is the same pattern amy showed a while ago. The pattern I found here! The fabric for the pocket is Ot en Sien famous dutch childrens books from the times of my grandparents! The weather here has been absolutely crazy very very crazy. But i must say I really couldn't remember what the deal was with global warming for a little while yesterday, it just felt so good. Until I realised that if it is this temperature halfway april summer won't be fun anymore..

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hannah zei

heehee, i read this post and thought ...almost 2 weeks since posting (sounds like me)...broken sewing machine(sounds like me)...unusually hot weather for april (sounds like here)!! I love your apron dress, it is really sweet, I have a similar pattern that I have waiting to try for my youngest, but it has ties at the shoulders that I dont like much, I am going to go look at your link now. the pocket on yours is gorgeous!