dinsdag, april 03, 2007

So there I was

without a dog and soon without a job in the dirtiest house I've ever lived (besides the one studenthouse that housed students and rats). It rocked my foundations more then I've ever expected. I was so sad and so hurt and so scared.. I've sobbed and sobbed. In a way it was good. I've always been a crier but after becoming a mom I stopped, I just couldn't cry anymore. But is does help me and So over a week later i am ready to start living again. Enjoy our family our home spring and venture out with my business.

It helps enormous to know that Nova has found herself a family where she is loved a lot and where she apparently wants to be she is so much more relaxed and behaved. But Oh it hurts we so wanted her to liver here for next 12+ years. It just didn't work..

And I am ready to craft again. And just at the right moment I found this patchwork book in the thriftshop. It is a weird book. The text is all about explaining traditional quilting but the actual quilts are art quilts form a 70's french quilting show. And I love them! Excuse the weird scanning it is a floppy book and I couldn't get it to angle right! In the middle of the night I knew what I wanted to make and I sketched right away in the bathrom. Here it is. Hope to share the finish product with you soon.

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chest of drawers zei

So glad you´re back and feeling better - I have been there too and know how overwhelming life can be. I can only say that things get much better when your kids get older so hang in there. Good luck with your new direction with work and I can´t wait to see that quilt!