zaterdag, april 28, 2007

Picknick and promise

I think the earth must have accidentally shifted or something because I haven't moved and I seem to live in warmer climates all of a sudden. It has been in the high twentieths the whole week now and it hasn't rained in 5 weeks now. Normally april in Holland is wet and I can remember occasions with aprilsnow.. really weird. It does sometimes feel like walking in a surreal painting though. There is just something off when you sweat in a summer top while looking at an appletree blossoming... Even weirder when you clearly remember that same appletree flowering around christmas.

Of course we did enjoy the weather we picnicked and walked barefoot and spent time on the vegetable plot. Isn't this a promising sight? (although of course this weather doesn't make maintaining one really easy).. We put out the clothesline too.. and just puttered around this week.. At ease whit our pace not top fretfully of work that had to be done..And then the phone rang with a little job and now I know why I quit again. Fun job no hassle and excellent pay. Letting go works for me it is just so freaking hard. Today I looked at that problem from a theological point of view. I''ll share in next post

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PĂ©itseoga zei

we have great weather over here too, but not as hot... i hope it's not global warming already, i don't fancy the ice age that's supposed to follow...