zaterdag, maart 24, 2007

on hiatus while I sort out life

This week has been sad we had to decide to rehome our Nova she was a lovely puppy but she was too dominant a character for our life situation. It hurts like hell. We didn't want to lose her but were very sure we couldn't offer er what she needed. At the moment I feel crushed, beaten and drained. it will take some time to get back into myself .......I won't be blogging for a while I need to build myself a new life first....(Also the last week at work...)

Oh will delete the last pictures they hurt just to much right now..

zaterdag, maart 10, 2007

So much to tell, no clue where to start

I have so much going on and so much stuff to tell you that I don't know where to start. So this will be a quite random post. first things first. Meet Nova: She is turning our life upside down and back since wednesday. Objectively things couldn't be better subjectively it is so tiring thrilling terrifying hard and wonderful all at once. The little girl is 9 weeks tomorrow (she and my other wonderful girl share a birthday). It really is great despite the tetanus injection I had to get this morning at the emergency GP post. It was my own fold I was trying to retrieve my daughters lunch from her throat because I was afraid she would choke (lots of sticky peanutbutter) Well I needed to get the tetanus shot for four years and now it's taken care so I suppose in a way it is a good thing.

Holiday was absolutely craft free and seeing the amount of work and the lack of sleep the pup brings that will last for a while. I 3 weeks time I will end my job and start my company I am not as far ahead as I planned to be at this point but It turned to be mentally hard to stop and start something at the same time. I try not to worry and just go for it. At the moment I am training my successor and that is draining but fun. You never realise how much you actually know that other people don't unless you are forced to train someone to step in.

There is more to tell but I absolutely forgot what! Well that means I 've got more stuff to post this week..