woensdag, februari 14, 2007

Why you should listen when the daisy speaks

I finished the bag for my mil today. It turned out lovely. I attempted the zipper and it worked but I show two you these two pictures to explain the title of the post. I must have read it about 5 times. Make sure you fold away the lining of your pocket while sewing the zipper! Yep, I am a good reader there fore I only needed my seamripper twice.

I am impressed with myself. On this one I did show improvement in my sewing skills!The only thing needed on this bag is a keychainthingie on the keychain!

3 opmerkingen:

autum zei

That looks great!! Your MIL is going to be very happy.

Amy zei

Beautiful! Bags are very nonintuitive to me. I always think the instructions must be wrong and then do it how I think -- only to have to rip and start over. Yep - instructions are important. I like the bold color pallete you chose. Hope your urge to "create" was soothed.

chest of drawers zei

It´s lovely!