zondag, februari 11, 2007

the urge to make

While in the supermarket I realised I felt the urge to make. I threw bakng stuff in my trolley like it was the first thing I needed. I didn''t bake the cake though. Son was playing his heart out owning a button and fabricshop ( now I like that career wouldn't that be conveniant)> So while I played with the fabric I bought in his little shop I suddenly noticed that my red fabrics were nice together and that they were very mom in law. So instead of cleaning my terribly dirty house I played with the sewing machine. Tomorrow I am going to insert a zippered pocket in the lining and put the beauty together. Very exited about this because mil was a little sad about her birthdaypresent this year And I want to make up for it cause I actually love my mil..

beat depression create! was the motto of the day!

Oh and completely random what made it extra lovely while we played we had speedskating on. Worlchampionship in Thialf. It was magnificent. This is dutch folklore very much a life! I cant find a pictures of the horse and sledge but that fairytale was much appreciated by daughter!

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