zaterdag, februari 03, 2007

together for life..

I bet you thought I had given up on the post every day thing. I did write 3 posts in my head but I ended up reading on the sofa (Joop ter Heul for all my Dutch readers ;-).. I would love to write about my favourite childhood books like I see so may people do but I wonder how interesting that would be for the nondutch…

This morning in the paper I was intrigued by an interview in my newspaper by a guy who told that it was dumb to find a partner at 15 and then marry for the rest of your life. It obviously troubled me because that was exactly what I did. I found myself the best guy in the world in September 90 and we are still going strong. He made it seem like it was boring and life to interesting to stay with one partner. It made me smile. He reminded me of people who fly of to the other site of the world 6 times a year to stay in a hotel and tell it broadens their world so much. Is it a better way to travel then to take your bike or your feet and travel slow? It is a different journey that’s for sure but who judges what is best?

I think this guy underestimates the adventure of commitment. Marriage is about growing together and keep learning. A relationship that spans a lifetime has the potential to be way deeper and stronger then the 6 relationship of another person combined..

I don’t say everybody should stay together there are very very good reasons for divorce! But I do want to say that change for the illusion of change does seem a bit shallow..

See how I shift from being a craft blogger even a week into this challenge!

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Amy zei

Nice post -- and of course I happen to agree as I married my high school sweetheart whom I met when I was 16. We've been together 20 years last month. Ummm, CRAZY! It is always nice to hear of other "success stories."