donderdag, februari 08, 2007

This skirt will need ironing!

my husband will be displeased with that.. But see what a lovely fabric. I am making something for myself this sewingclass and I decided to make a brown and white polka dot skirt. I went to the fabricmarket on a tuesday cursing my self for being so specific.. I always try to go with a very vague idea of what I want but this time there was this fabric 2 meters 1, 50 euros!

Then all my luck with the skirt ran out. I had to change pattens because lack of fabric (I wanted a ful skirt.. ) I cut two pieces from the same pattern piece and one was 5 cm longer then the other.. Lack of sleep and sewing are a weird combination!

In other news any tips on making pigtails (or ponytails.) Daughter came home form daycare yesterday looking so cute with two taartjes ( the word actually is staartjes she now sauid a word that means cake!) . She never ever kept anything in her hair before but now I need to learn to make tails because I don't want to have to ask the 20 year old daycare girls!

OH the light is out here today and the big camera was upstairs so You'll have to wait for beautiful picutres of this skirt until it is spring and I will be wearing it!

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weirdbunny zei

Glad you managed to make a skirt out of the fabric even though it wasn't the pattern you hoped for.