donderdag, februari 22, 2007


Lent started yesterday. I like that to be time of year top reflect and share. Last year I 've been a good shopper this year I 've decided to look around fort simple pleasures. I did that meme last year and it never really left me. It was such an inspirational thing to do.. So this coming 40 days I 'll be recognising the small and simple things that make life truly wonderful... It is a bit frivolous for lente but I think I it is a way to reconnect with what is really important in my life..

The first simple pleasure.. Planning a project.. We will be to the beach for a couple of days next week I want to make some art for the house since there are the worlds ugliest fabricpanels there. I plan to transform them in something like this or this. This is from the summer 2006 issue of Marie Claire Idees. When I saw it I wanted to make something like this for the beach house.. I've been planning them ever since and now I've got to buy material and pack everything I need. There wont be anything and I don't want to buy stuff I already got.. So more planning then usual on this project and it makes me realise I actually like the planning.. fun in advance!

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jojo* zei

Both of those projects look beautiful. Wish I had a beach house to decorate! :)