vrijdag, februari 23, 2007

It wasn't a good day today

it was the kind of day that just went wrong no matter what you do. I dropped things out of my hand bumped into every cupboard, table or door in the house. And worst of all I didn't catch my daughter when she went head over heels down from the changing table. I saw her land head on and thought to my self: Here we go this can't be good and then she cried which soothed me and she seems really fine. I called the doctor anyway and here comes the one small pleasure in the day. My4, 5 year son was a rock. he brought the phone told me to dry my tears cause she is really fine mum and hugged his sister and told her with a very serious face. You can't fly of the commode. It was so special to see him so sensible and so responsible. It is not simple but kind of a simple pleasure to sometimes in a moment sense the potential of your kids..

You are just going about your day something happens ro nothing and you watch this child you love and in a flash you see your bayb in new light. It makes the rest of the days and weeks so much easier!

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Mirre zei

Huuuh, vreselijk zoiets! Ben blij dat het goed is afgelopen...
Simon is laatst van boven naar beneden van de trap gevallen; echt heel erg traumatisch :))